Michihito Osawa

Michihito Osawa

It was an incredible trip thanks to your arrangement. The landscape of Bhutan reminded me of the village of my childhood where my mother was brought up. People used to live with fauna and flora in the Mother Nature, surrounded by the gods, evils and spirits. My memory flashed back to the time when I was scared by the darkness, hypnotized with the Milky Way in the sky, and I used to pray in front of festival bonfires.

At the same time, I was delighted very much to talk with Passa and Yeshi about not only Bhutanese culture and history, but also about world politics and current social issues. I’ve reassured myself that the world’s history and religions are inter winded in the past, current and moving forward wherever you are.

During the generations when the modern transportations were not available, it was incredible to think of how Buddhism and languages had spread beyond the Himalayas and Tibet all the way to the islands of Far East of Japan.

I’ve learned lots of things from this trip, and it has made me think of lots of things. 

I enjoyed the local restaurants that Passa and Ishim took us for lunch. The pickled green chili was too hot, and I was glad to have tasted Bhutanese momos.  Foods are always such a headache for the tourism industry as some tourists are not so opened minded for local delicacy. 

If there is a suggestion, you may ask the foreign guests in advance if they are interested in the  Bhutanese food, and one or two items in buffet menu could be Bhutanese dishes.

I would recommend Bhutan in Style to anybody who want to visit Bhutan. I hope I would come and visit again to see the autumn festivals in near future.

Please give our best regards to Passa and Yeshi .

Thank you again and best wishes.