Michihito Osawa

Michihito Osawa

It was an incredible trip thanks to your arrangement. The landscape of Bhutan reminded me of the village of my childhood where my mother was brought up. People used to live with fauna and flora in the Mother Nature, surrounded by the gods, evils and spirits. My memory flashed back to the time when I was scared by the darkness, hypnotized with the Milky Way in the sky, and I used to pray in front of festival bonfires.

At the same time, I was delighted very much to talk with Passa and Yeshi about not only Bhutanese culture and history, but also about world politics and current social issues. I’ve reassured myself that the world’s history and religions are inter winded in the past, current and moving forward wherever you are.

During the generations when the modern transportations were not available, it was incredible to think of how Buddhism and languages had spread beyond the Himalayas and Tibet all the way to the islands of Far East of Japan.

I’ve learned lots of things from this trip, and it has made me think of lots of things. 

I enjoyed the local restaurants that Passa and Ishim took us for lunch. The pickled green chili was too hot, and I was glad to have tasted Bhutanese momos.  Foods are always such a headache for the tourism industry as some tourists are not so opened minded for local delicacy. 

If there is a suggestion, you may ask the foreign guests in advance if they are interested in the  Bhutanese food, and one or two items in buffet menu could be Bhutanese dishes.

I would recommend Bhutan in Style to anybody who want to visit Bhutan. I hope I would come and visit again to see the autumn festivals in near future.

Please give our best regards to Passa and Yeshi .

Thank you again and best wishes.

Brigitte Cerny

Brigitte Cerny

“This agency is great, Sherab & Sonam are a great team with perfect service, both in the run-up to the planning as well as during the very good support, I always got an answer to my questions promptly – and I had a special challenge, because actually a work “holiday” and we had to be very flexible in the schedule – and that was Bhutan-In-Style. In between, I could see some beautiful touristic highlights like the Tshechu festival or CheleLa Pass. My guide Tandin and driver Dawa also great, also very flexible and very nice. I felt very well looked after.Can only recommend Bhutan-In-Style.”

Jenny Beliard

Jenny Beliard

We booked our trip to Bhutan with Bhutan in Style and can only recommend Sonam and her team. Starting with our first email to the last message sent after our trip all inquiries where responded to in record time. Advice and recommendations prior to the trip where sent out a few weeks before and reminders a few days before departure making sure we had all the equipment and items needed for our trek.

The agency after being given our expectations were spot on with all their recommendations and adapted to last minute changes.

From the minute we stepped out of the airport we were greeted and guided by an exceptional team; our guide was perfect: extremely knowledgeable and discreet when needed. Our driver and our hiking crew anticipating all our needs and going out of their way to make unique moments for us: organizing a chat with a Marshall at 4300m altitude facing the Nepalese mountains, seating down with a Yak herder who showed us how he made butter and cheese……… The Chef noticing what we loved to eat and made bigger portions of our favorite dishes…. there is a list that I can make to let you know how Bhutan in Style made our stay unique but it would be too long. It was all in the little details. Have a great trip to Bhutan.

Anil Kumar Kaza

Anil Kumar Kaza

Just wanted to let you know that this has been one of the smoothest travel experiences we have had anywhere. 

The itinerary developed by you which included both hiking and cultural sightseeing was perfect!

From the moment we were received at the airport by Tashi and Dorji to the moment we were dropped at the same place for the return flight, it was like a dream come true.

We were very happy to meet Sonam and you at the Buddha Dordenma – it added a personal touch to our Bhutan visit. The masala chai and the local snacks were tasty as well as timely! 

Tashi and Dorji were excellent companions on the tour – they are both knowledgeable and very courteous. 

Tashi’s knowledge of the country’s history and culture was very helpful. Not everyone in our group was an experienced hiker – but Tashi ensured that everyone completed the walks even if some took more time than the others! 

Dorji’s driving was very confident and reassuring – some in the group were nervous about travelling in a car in the hills but Dorji’s defensive driving style made sure we all enjoyed the road travel as well. 

They are also both very fluent in English, and this helped us to communicate with them easily.

We did experience Bhutan in style!

Anil Kumar Kaza

Barbara, Wieger, Tjerk, Folkert, Sjoerd Van der Linden family.

Barbara, Wieger, Tjerk, Folkert, Sjoerd Van der Linden family.

We want to thank you and Sherab for an absolutely amazing trip we had in Bhutan. Off course the start of our trip was somewhat unpleasant, but we forgot about this instantly from the moment we arrived in the beautiful country of Bhutan.

Everything was very well organized, planned and taken care of in detail.
We are stunned by the beauty of your country and amazed by the kind, genuine, passionate people we met. The whole trip and itinerary were beyond expectation. Thanks a lot!

Also a big thanks to our guide Sonam, he played a big role in making this experience unforgettable. He was the best guide we could imagine!
Hopefully, Bhutan remains as beautiful and remote as it is because we definitely want to come back.

Kind regards,