What is unique about this healing Experience?

During these healing sessions, the facilitator will help you embrace the harmonic energies within you and help you let go the chaotic energies. He also helps you release your past negative attachments, connect with your core selves, create inner peace and achieve positive changes in your life as well as in your personal relationships. His healing sessions Empower a self-awareness deep understanding that releases your self-doubt and problems in your relationships as well as in your professional life.  Your sessions with him will help you find the inner peace within you, your inner strength allowing exceptional clarity in life. His intentions are to help you balance your physical, mental, emotional and relations. He uses his mysterious and unique talents to help you open up your deeply held emotions. All your session with him will remain confidential

About the Teacher – Stephen Jeanes

Stephen Jeanes, originally from the United Kingdom but lives in Seim Reap, Cambodia with his family. Steve has been practicing a unique one of a kind Shamanic wellness creating self-awareness personal empowerment with a worldwide clientele for many years.  With an extremely successful broad spectrum of modalities abilities, in areas such as cancer, fertility, life business self-empowerment, mental physical emotional traumas, enabling very real healing life changes.

Working on the root cause of pain, traumas, anxieties, thus removing them from your life, not simply masking effects but with long term benefits. His work allows people to totally change their lives to be able to live the best version of them. With an ability to focus on the important issues in life rather than the noise that surrounds us all. You are treated as family but not simply as a client undertaking a life-changing journey. Stephen Jeanes as a person and facilitator is hugely supportive and down to earth.

Day 1- Arrival, Transfer from Paro to Thimphu

Day 2- Thimphu to

Day 3-Punakha

Day 4- Punakha

Day 5- Punakha to Paro

Day 6- Paro

Day 7- Paro

Day 8- International Departure

Cost and Dates

Day 1- Arrival, Transfer from Paro to Thimphu

Distance: 53Kms / 32miles

Drive Time: 1 hour approx.

Altitude: 2,350m / 7709ft

Enjoy one of the world’s most spectacular descents as your flight arrives into Paro amidst breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Your itinerary will remain as flexible as possible, and you will be able to discuss it in advance.

Upon your arrival, your diver will drive you to Thimphu, is the capital city of Bhutan that lies in a steep valley at an altitude of 2350m/7709ft. You will drive through the natural green forest and the beautiful view of the mountains, river deep down the road. Upon checking in your hotel and settling down, your guide will take you to explore the city of Thimphu. The sightseeing includes; Memorial Chorten, Buddha Point, Buddha point has the largest Buddha all over the world, Folk Heritage and Simply Bhutan Museum portraying Bhutan`s ancient cultural heritage, Institute of Traditional Medicine and the National Library and Archives of Bhutan (Opens at 9 am until 5 pm during weekdays).

In the evening we will arrange a quiet dinner with Mr. Stephen Jeanes.

Day 2- Thimphu to Punakha

Distance: 76kms / 47 miles

Drive Time: 2.5 hours approx.

Altitude: 1300m / 4265ft

After breakfast, you will be driving towards Punakha. One the way to Punakha, Sights includes one of the important historical monuments, Simtokha Dzong. Today it is the houses one of the premier Dzongkha language learning institutes. Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, who unified Bhutan, built this Dzong in 1629. It is the first of its kind built in Bhutan.

We will make a brief stop at the Dochu La for you to enjoy the view, the fresh air and if the weather is clear you will see the Himalayan snow-capped mountains.  Dochu La is well known for the 108 memorial chortens.

On entering Punakha, you will make a visit to Chimi Lhakhang, Chimi Lhakhang is well known as the fertility monastery built in 1499, where couples usually visit to pray for their pregnancy and receive blessings from the saint from the magic thunderbolt of wisdom. The saint will ask you to carry the huge phallus and make three rounds around the monastery and pray to conceive. 

You will also visit the magnificent Punakha Dzong. The Punakha Dzong is also known as Pungtang Dewa Chhenbi Phodrang (meaning “the palace of great happiness”). The Dzong is located at the confluence of the Pho Chhu (Pho-Male; Chhu-water) and Mo Chhu (Mo-female; Chhu-water) rivers in the Punakha–Wangdue valley and it is located at only 1200 meters. Punakha is hot in summer and warm during winters.

You will head back to your hotel and settle in for a good rest. And later in the evening, you can meet with Mr. Stephen Jeanes for the healing session and as per your request, we can arrange a private session for you.

Day 3- Punakha

Altitude: 1300m / 4265ft

You can visit the suspension bridge, one of the longest suspension bridges in the swift river of Pho Chhu (Pho-Male and Chhu-water).  Draped with prayer flags, the bridge connects the town of Punakha and the Punakha Dzong, mainly used by locals from the other side of the town to reach Punakha Dzong in short time. You will enjoy the fresh air and the view from the bridge. Through suspension bridge, you will hike up to Kamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, 2 hours hike approximately through dense forest. It is located on the ridge above the Punakha valley and it is a unique Buddhist monastery in Bhutan.

You can meditate there for a few minutes to relax your mind after 2 hours hike and have a spiritual healing session with Stephen Jeanes.

At the end of the day, you can relax and if you wish we can arrange a private session with Stephen.

Day 4- Punakha

Altitude: 1300m / 4265ft

Today you will visit the Chorten Nyeabu. If you want to hike, its 30-minute drive and 30 minutes uphill hike till the Chorten but if you prefer taking a car then its 40 minutes car drive till the Chorten. We will arrange a prayer flag hosting near the special 15th-century temple, Chorten Nyeabu to see the largest statue of Jowo Jampa – the future Buddha, and Gum shing, the upside down tree. Chorten Nyeabu, the main temple is situated between two small chortens. They believe that once while the divine madman, Lam Drukpa Kuenlay he subdues the demon nearby by his supernatural power by throwing a piece of burning firewood from his fireplace across the valley.

The prayer flag hosting can be done here in the sacred place combined with picnic lunch. You can engage in a mindful meditation with Steve guiding you amongst the prayer flags.

During the evening you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset on the horizon. It’s a very peaceful and relaxing place to meditate and do your spiritual session with Stephen.

Day 5- Punakha to Paro

Distance: 143kms / 88 miles

Drive Time: 4.5 hours approx.

Altitude: 2250m / 7382ft

Today you drive back to Paro from Punakha.

You will explore the Paro Valley offering cultural and religious sites to visit. The sightseeing includes; the National Museum, which rests above Paro Dzong, is also known as Ta Dzong (watchtower) and was built in 1649 to protect the Paro Dzong. You will also visit Kyichu Lhakhang, which pins down the left foot of a treacherous Ogress, are a great finish to this initial cultural immersion.

From the Dzong, a leisurely walk back into town crosses the scenic Nyamai Zampa (Bridge), a unique model of Bhutan`s traditional cantilever bridges. We will continue visiting some town temples, Tshongdue Lhakhang and Drukchholing Lhakhang.

Day 6- Paro

Altitude: 2250m / 7382ft

After breakfast today you will hike up to Tiger’s Nest (Paro Taktsang). Tiger’s Nest or Taktshang Goempa is one of Bhutan’s most revered monuments. It literally hangs off the face of a cliff 900m above the valley floor. The hike offers spectacular views of the Goempa and the valley below.

In the forest, Steve will conduct a forest bathing to calm your inner self and find your peace within yourself.

Day 7- Paro

Altitude: 2250m / 7382ft

On the last day of your stay in Paro, it will be a relaxing and peaceful day for you. You will have one on one session with Stephen on the last day. You will drive up to Sangchokor Buddhist College and it is a 20-minute drive from the Paro town until Sangchokor. As you drive up the hilltop overlooking the beautiful Paro valley. The view from the Buddhist monastery is stunning and breadth taking. The place is very peaceful and relaxing to meditate.

Last session with Stephen.

Day 8- International Departure

We look forward to welcoming you again to the Land of Thunder Dragons!!!!

Cost and Dates:

 The cost will entirely depend on your preference of accommodations and any other special request.

You can choose your dates at the time of booking.

Please email us for more details.