A Tshechu is a Buddhist festival in honor of Guru Rinpoche, the saint who brought Buddhism to Bhutan.

Paro Tshechu is one of the most popular events in the country and the best attended by the tourists and local people because of its hospitality and connectivity.

All the mask dances on the first day are held inside the courtyard of the Dzong and rest days held at the courtyard outside the Dzong. Festivals featuring dances performed by trained monks and laymen dress up in vibrant multicolored brocade costumes are one of the best ways to experience the ancient living culture of Bhutan. The highlight of the Paro Tshechu is the unfurling of the silk Thangka- so large it covers the face of an entire building and is considered one of the most sacred blessing in the whole of Bhutan. The ‘Thangkha’ known as a ‘Thongdroel’ is only exhibited for a few hours at daybreak on the final day of the festival enabling the people to obtain its blessing.